What’s Itching My Pet???

p style=”text-align: center;”>WHAT'S ITCHIN' MY PET?

 A very common pet issue is fleas.  Both indoor and outdoor pets are susceptible.  One single flea will turn into 1,000 fleas in a matter of weeks.  Below are some common symptoms of flea infestation of your pet.

* Excessive scratching, itching or biting

* Hair loss

* Allergic dermatitis

* Hot spots

* Tapeworms (fleas carry tapeworms)

* Fleas or Flea dirt on your pet's skin (small black dots = flea poop)

Without treatment, fleas can make your dog or cat very sick.  Fleas consume blood, so flea infestation can lead to anemia, allergic reactions and secondary infections.  Fortunately, we can treat your pet and get them back to normal with preventative medications.  We offer several types of flea control including tablets, chewable medication and topical products to keep your pet healthy.

Environmental control is also very important in controlling fleas.  The means that ALL pets in the household must be treated on the same day.  They must also be treated every 30 days.  flea eggs hatch every 21-28 days depending on weather conditions, so spraying your yard every 3-4 weeks will also help control the flea population.  And finally fogging your house may be necessary.  During a severe infestation, several methods will be necessary to effectively control these little tiny pests!


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