Microchip Madness

Did you know that less than 5% of lost pets ever make it back to their original owners?  Do you know what would happen to your dogs and cats if a tornado or hurricane destroyed your home, separating you from your pets?  The truth is, collars with ID tags or Rabies tags can be helpful in locating owners IF the collars are still on the pet when they are found.  HOWEVER, collars often come off and tags can easily fall off collars.  Microchips are the size of a grain of rice and contain a permanent identification number that cannot be easily removed.  This radio frequency identification number can only be read by a scanner and is NOT a GPS device.  All pets arriving at the humane society are scanned for microchips, unfortunately, many animals do not have a microchip.

Implanting the microchip is a relatively painless procedure, similar to a vaccination, and only takes 5 minutes.  The microchips we use are ISO compatible, meaning they can be used overseas.  We will register your information with the chip number using your email address.  Maintaining your information is simple and easy; you may change your phone number or address at any time by logging in to the Petlink site FOR FREE.  That's right, our microchips come with FREE LIFETIME REGISTRATION!  A lot of microchip companies charge an annual fee to maintain your information, or they charge you every time you make a change to your address or phone number.  And let's face it, what good is a microchip without the correct information attached to it?  Who wants to pay to change vital information?  (Hopefully not you!)

Since August is "Check the Chip" month, we highly recommend having your pets microchipped!  The entire month of August, we are offering $10 off microchip implantation – regularly $50.  If your pets are already microchipped, please check to ensure the information attached to the chip number is correct!  Your pets will thank you!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy

Dr. Daisy

P.S.  I am microchipped.


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