Hurricanes and Heartworms

Hello all! I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Mexico. These disasters are hard on people and pets alike and I am saddened by the devastating flooding that has displaced many people and their pets.

Many may not realize that flooding leads to stagnant pools of water, which allow mosquitoes to breed and can cause an increase in heartworm disease. The displaced pets may also carry heartworms to areas where heartworms are not currently prevalent. As you know, heartworm disease is spread when a mosquito bites an heartworm positive dog and transfers microfilaria (baby heartworms) to the next dog or cat it bites.

Heartworms are serious. They are 6-12 inch long worms that live inside the heart and can lead to congestive heart failure with pulmonary complications and even death. In fact, the most common sign of heartworms in cats is sudden death! The American Heartworm Society has loads of great information. If you would like to learn more about heartworms, click here.

Annual testing and monthly preventatives can help keep your pet heartworm free! We have a lot of great manufacturer rebates on heartworm preventatives – save money and save your pets by coming to see us today!

Stay happy, stay healthy,

Dr. Daisy


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