Feline (not so friendly) Allergies

As you all know, I’m a cat. I LOVE sitting in the window at the check-in counter. However, some clients do not LOVE me…can you believe it? Well, I recently did some digging and found out that some people are actually ALLERGIC to CATS! Come to find out, people are not actually allergic to cats themselves, or their hair, as previously thought, they are allergic to a protein in our saliva. As we groom ourselves (and we have to groom to look good), the protein in our saliva is spread over the skin and coat. Once the saliva dries, it becomes a powdery dander and that is what causes human feline allergies. Even some breeds of hairless cats can trigger allergies, although they are thought to be somewhat hypoallergenic. SO, the next time you feline allergy sufferers walk up to my check-in window, I’ll be prepared to move – all you have to do is ask!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy,

Dr. Daisy


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